License Requirements for BC

Make sure you have:


#1 Class 1 Training in BC

You will get coaching and practice:


ICBC Information:

Contact Information (Phone Number, Email Address, & Mailing Address)
Book Your Road Test (Online Booking for Class 7, 5, 6, & 8 Road Tests)
Does ICBC Consider Your Vehicle Safe?(10 Reasons ICBC Will Cancel your Road Test if the Vehicle is Unsafe)
ICBC Fees(Road Tests, Medical Forms, License Upgrades, Exams, etc.)
Required ID (Accepted Forms of Primary & Secondary Identification)
Types of Licenses/Requirements (Definitions of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 Vehicles)
License Renewal(Fee's & Process for Renewing Your Driver's License)
Driver Re-Exam (Why it's Required & Preparation)
Learner's & Novice Information (Rules & Definition)
Tickets & Penalties (Prohibitions, Premiums, & Penalty Points)
For Parents (Tips for your Teens who are Learning to Drive)
Teen Driving Dangers (Driving Behaviours & Experience)
Class 5/7 Study Guide (Learn to Drive Smart)
Class 1/2/3/4 Study Guide (Driving Commercial Vehicles)
Class 6/8 Study Guide (Learn to Ride Smart)
Driving Record (Apply for your Driving Record or Abstract)
Lost Your L or N Sign? (Print out a Temporary "L" or "N" Sign)
Moving? (Update your Address & Identification)
ICBC Drive Smart - Keep Your Mind On The Road (Exercises That Test Your Observation/Driving Skills) 


Earn Your Class 1 “$$Job Job” License

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…all of these are components of the Provincial Road Test – an exam that takes about 1.5 hours.

How Long Does Class 1 Training ?
To accomplish all of this training in a week of 2 hour classes is unlikely.  Usually it takes up to 32 hours and 2 weeks to accomplish.

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